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How to publish in KrimPub?

If you are a member of a participating institution and have acquired a login, proceed as follows:
On the Home screen, click Publish.
You will first be prompted to select a document type. You can upload your document directly below.
Please confirm the User Agreement by clicking on "I have read and agree to this Legal Notice". By doing so, you confirm that you have the necessary rights to deliver the electronic document to the KrimPub document server in accordance with the Terms of Use. (This confirmation is a mandatory confirmation for personal uploads, even if there is a framework agreement between the institutions).
Then click on "Submit". The actual form follows. Here you will be asked for various data on your publication (so-called metadata), which serve to describe it in catalogues and other bibliographic directories. Describe the document you want to contribute using the predefined categories. Depending on the type of document, some of the fields are mandatory and must be filled in by you. Otherwise, please provide as much information as possible. For example, you will be entered:
  • Document type (to be selected from a list)
  • the title of your publication and the language of the title
  • Brief description of the content of your document
  • Date on which the document is published (usually the day on which you post it).
  • the language of the document (to be selected from a list)
  • the license under which the document will be published (to be selected from a list)
If you do not know what to enter in a form field, leave the text field empty. If it is a mandatory field, please move the cursor over the input field to display an explanatory help text (tooltip).
At the end of the data acquisition your entries will be displayed again and you have three possibilities: If necessary, you can correct the entries for your document, add it to a collection or save it directly.
The document is stored in a buffer and checked and, if necessary, edited by the staff of the KrimZ before it is publicly available in the repository.
Cookies must be activated in the web browser in order to be able to set documents via the publication form.